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Italian Gatsby Hat

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Put this lightweight Italian Gatsby Hat into your weekly hat rotation as a way to express your cultural pride. It's accented with your favorite three colors: red and green on either side, and white in the center -- just like the Italian flag. It has a relaxed fit and a short brim that can be pulled down low over your forehead or tilted to the side. It's similar in style to a classic kangol hat, with an Italian twist.

If the Great Gatsby saw this colorful Italian cap he'd probably put it on and speed off into the sunset. It'll look great paired with a crisp white Italian t-shirt or polo shirt with an Italia patch. Hang it proudly on the edge of your headboard or mirror along with your Italian flag beads, rosary beads, and horn necklaces for good luck (all of which we have right here at Guido Gear).

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