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Italian Fuzzy Dice

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If you like classic Guido gear and décor for your car, pick up a pair of Italian Fuzzy Dice to dangle from your rearview mirror. They're soft, fluffy, and squeezable. Each one is green on two sides, red on two sides, and white on the top and bottom. Like a normal pair of dice, each side is also numbered from one to six.

Give Italian Fuzzy Dice to your favorite Guido friend on his or her birthday. At your next party or cultural festival, wave this pair of Italian dice in the air to celebrate your Italian pride. It will also make a fun chew toy for your pup. Just toss them on the floor and within minutes your family dog will be retrieving and playing with them. When you think of the many ways you can use or display them around the house, including your game room, den, and bedroom, you might decide to order two or more!

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